Arbitration verdict goes Union's Way

We are happy to announce that our Union's side won in arbitration regarding the 13th check for our retirees.

Also included in the arbitration is a $2.00 accrual rate increase in the Local Pension for everyone from Apprentices to Retirees.

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2018 Allocation Vote results Monday, May 14, 2018

There were 354 votes cast.  The final tally was 109 for Option #1, 151 for Option #2, and 94 for Option #3.

Please be advised of the $2.50 increase, which was negotiated into your current Collective Bargaining Agreement.  The increase is broken down as follows:

JUNE 8, 2018 to JUNE 7, 2019
CHECK    .75¢
ANNUITY   $1.25
WELFARE    .20¢
LMCC FUND    .14¢

New wage sheets will be mailed out to members and contractors.

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Rally Against Reinsdorf

Tonight's scheduled Rally Against Reinsdorf has been postponed.

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Progress is being made, and in good faith, tonight's rally is being postponed.

Thank you for your interest, and continue watching the alerts and our website for updated information.

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Union Day at Chicagoland Speedway

Tickets are now on sale for Union Day at Chicagoland Speedway

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For tickets and additional information, click HERE.

Special Discount Offer on the Chicago Sun-Times

Take advantage of a special discount on the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES for Chicago Federation of Labor-affiliated Unions and Union Members! 



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Brothers and Sisters of Local 73,

In July, a historic coalition of unions and like-minded investors, including the Chicago Federation of Labor, purchased the Chicago Sun-Times, the Chicago Reader and to preserve independent media entities in Chicago and protect journalistic integrity. This effort amplifies the diversity of voices and perspectives of Chicago stories both locally and nationally.

The Chicago Sun-Times is a subscription-based service that requires constant growth to ensure the paper continues to thrive as a strong, trusted news brand for all workers across the Chicagoland area.

Subscribe to the newspaper that reflects the values and character of the working men and women of Chicago!

The links to the home delivery and e-paper subscriptions are below. 

 CLICK HERE FOR 7-day HOME DELIVERY · $16.99/month *

 *includes e-paper subscription



Label It. Scan It. Report It.

Stand Up! Look Out!

Stand up and look out for yourself and your fellow sheet metal workers!

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I Want SMART Audio

I Want SMART Audio Download

The Mid Season I Want SMART Audio file is ready for use. Download or listen to the file. 

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SMART Labels Are A Critical Safety Device

Union labels safeguard union jobs, wages, and benefits

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You know why safety gear is important and how it protects you from workplace hazards.  You should also note that the union labels protect you too.  They’re a different kind, yet vital, protective device.   

Wearing a hard hat on the job isn’t an option.  Using the labels, and benefiting from the protection they provide, isn’t optional either.

Sign Up to Receive Email Blast Alerts

Sign Up to Receive Email Alerts

Would you like to receive important Union information by e-mail?  Join our email list!

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We now offer "Blast Alerts" that notify you of important Union updates like pickets, rallies, and current events.

To join our email list and start receiving Blast Alerts, simply email with the subject line "Subscribe."

You can opt out at any time by clicking the same link and putting "Unsubscribe" in the subject line.

Your e-mail address is kept in-house and will never be sold to outside companies.

Personalized Paver Bricks For Sale

Personalized Paver Bricks For Sale

Sheet Metal Workers Local #73 Veterans' Committee is still selling paver bricks for a walk around our flag pole. 

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We already have some bricks installed and are planning on installing more bricks now that the warm weather is here.

Bricks are $50 each and can accommodate up to three lines, with 13 characters per line.

These commemorative bricks are a great way to show your union pride or honor a veteran or loved one.

Paver Brick

Click here to download the Paver Brick Order Form

License Plates Are Available

License Plates Are Available

Sheet Metal Workers International Association License Plates are available.

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By purchasing Sheet Metal Workers International Association License Plates, you will contribute to the Sheet Metal Workers International Association of Illinois Fund, to be used for charitable purposes sponsored by Illinois local chapters of the Sheet Metal Workers International Association.

License Plates

Sheet Metal Workers International Association license plates are multi-year and may be displayed on passenger vehicles, trucks and vans weighing 8,000 pounds or less and sport utility vehicles.

Visit the Drive Illinois website for more information.